1940s SSAFA Uniform found in Seaton

While visiting a little tea room in Seaton called ‘Victory Emporium and Tea Room’ with lots of WW2, and I believe they have WW1, memorabilia hanging on the walls I spotted a SSAFA uniform that I was informed belonged to a female SSAFA District Commander in 1940.

We had a long conversation about SSAFA, its beginnings etc. and the owners were suitably impressed with SSAFA’s pedigree; although they did say that not many people seem to know what SSAFA was but now informed would spread the word.

FOSS have purchased the uniform and the search for suitable mannequin to display the uniform is ongoing. I was also shown a Birmingham Hallmarked silver 1915 SSFA badge. The badge had the number 3199 on the back. Do you think we could trace who originally owned it? If anyone knows the answer please contact FOSS by email.