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The Friends of SSAFA Somerset (“FOSS”) is here to support the Somerset branch of SSAFA by raising funds and organising events throughout the year and look forward to welcoming you at some of them! See our Events page for what appeals to you.

The Friends of SSAFA Somerset (FOSS) was established in 2000 by Sir Jerry Wiggin and Brigadier DP de C Morgan. As a committee it was set the challenge of raising £10,000 a year to support the Somerset Branch of SSAFA.

We are the UK’s oldest Armed Forces charity. Our 130 years of experience have helped us to understand the unique demands of military life – and we believe that those who have served their country should get the best possible support when they need it.

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Events for 2020

The current scheduled events for 2020 are now available on our Events page. Some of the organiser website’s are still in the early stages of programme development so keep returning …


ROYAL NAVAL TRAINEES VOLUNTEER AT LOCAL HOSPITAL Yesterday, Monday 18 November 2019 the full contingent of Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival Equipment Technician Trainees took part in a volunteer’s …