Beautiful Pickled Onions Prize in SSAFA Collection

I met with Bill Browne last night at the King William Inn, Barn Lane Crewkerne (very welcoming ‘regulars’ and very good ale). Bill, with the support of Sylvia Chown the landlady, asked for a collection for SSAFA the prize being a jar of his beautiful pickled onions.

I was contacted by Sylvia to exchange our collecting pot which contained £279.72!

Bill is proud to have always supported our armed forces. His grand-father Ernie Wills was gassed and crippled in the trenches and Bill, from the age of 7 with his mother looked after him for the rest of his life. His Irish father served in the British army during the second WW and his mother served in the WRAC as a gun-aimer on the Kent coastal defenses. They lived at 7 Blake Road, Crewkerne.

Bill travels to Normandy annually to purchase from a particular farm choice shallots to pickle.

Lawrence Dunning